Our Mission

We aspire to make Bikram Yoga Kapolei a primary health and rejuvenation destination on Oahu. A place where our students and guests feel welcome and cared for. We are passionately committed to providing the finest personal service and facilities for our students by adopting the following standards:


We are committed to fostering long lasting relationships with our students.

We believe that cleanliness of the facility is next to Godliness.

We cultivate an environment of teamwork and take ownership of student and guest concerns.

We understand that we are serving professional like minded people and will always act and communicate as professional like minded people.

We are empowered to create the best yoga experience for our students and guests.

We are committed to the constant improvement of the studio.

We understand that when a student refers a friend to Bikram Yoga Kapolei, that this is the best compliment we may receive.